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A note from a 8-year-old girl to the plane captain


A note from a 8-year-old girl to the plane captain

Definitions of fuck up on the Web:
botch: make a mess of, destroy or ruin;


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Paying with 200 pieces of one sen coins is OK

It may be cumbersome to count 200 pieces of one sen coins when a customer is paying for an item that costs RM2. But the receiver cannot refuse the money.

If you prefer to pay for a RM10 product in 50 sen coins, the seller also cannot reject the payment.

It was provided for under Section 24 of the Central Bank of Malaysia Act that you can use one sen, five sen, 10 sen and 20 sen coins to pay for a transaction of up to RM2, a Bank Negara official said.

The Act also allows a buyer to pay for a product or service worth up to RM10 in 50 sen coins.


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10 Reasons Not to Use Safari on Windows

A million users have downloaded Apple's browser, newly available to Windows users, because it has that sleek, gorgeous Macintosh designed look but why extremetech.com says No to Safari for Windows.

1. Security
2. Compatibility
3. It's a memory hog
4. Lack of standard Windows program behavior
5. No sidebar
6. No Plugins
7. No Skins
8. Tabs poorly done
9. Code bloat
10. No tool tips

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Amazing artist paints upside down

Amazing artist, Dan Dunn paints a painting in 2 1/2 minutes on stage! Watch it come to life before your eyes!

Japanese Ad goes to next level

Death strikes unexpectedly. This is one of the possibilities.


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TUESDAY, JULY 03, 2007

Expert vs novice bra unhooker

World Record For Most Bra's Unhooked in 30 Seconds

How To Undo Her Bra With One Hand

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MONDAY, JULY 02, 2007

Six basic scientific questions

See how three writers, three scientists and two broadcasters answering six basic scientific questions, and their answers appear to confirm the arts/science divide.

John O'Farrell Writer
Author, broadcaster and comedy scriptwriter.

Iain Stewart Geologist
Stewart presents a new TV series, Earth: The Biography, this autumn.

Will Self Writer
Novelist, short-story writer, critic and broadcaster.

Susan Greenfield Scientist
Author of several popular science books about the brain.

Kirsty Wark Broadcaster
Political journalist and presenter of BBC2's Newsnight.

Marina Warner Writer
Novelist, critic and cultural historian, in particular of female myths.

Robert Winston Scientist
Human fertility expert and science TV presenter.

Daisy Goodwin TV presenter
TV producer and presenter, editor of several poetry anthologies.

Q: Why does salt dissolve in water?
Q: Roughly how old is the earth?
Q: What happens when you turn on a light?
Q: Is a clone the same as a twin?
Q: Why is the sky blue?
Q: What is the Second Law of Thermodynamics?

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Turn off the light, babe!

Can you explain what are they doing? Take some time to admire beauty of nature..


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Radio Contest Gone Horribly Wrong

This is an absolutely hilarious true story regarding a radio show contest.


The Croc-Eat-Dog Promotion

New approach to stop smoking campaign

This is actually an on-the-ceiling poster in the smoking room at an IT firm in Mumbai, India. Will you give up smoking now?


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